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AGN's work at a glance

AGN adresses the weakening of the civic sphere and the relationship between state and non-state actors in the field of philanthropy in Africa. It works to develop the organizational, communication, fundraising, and leadership capacities of African philanthropic institutions.

Our Programmes

AGN promotes African Philanthropy by implementing the following programmes: Engaging African Leaders Policy advocacy / enabling environment Thought Leadership Membership Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

The AGN Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework will provide benchmark information on African philanthropy and development on the continent.

Knowledge Portal

The AGN knowledge portal is a repository of all the information, documentation and digitals and is aimed at enriching the understanding of African philanthropy and grantmaking.

News and Opportunities

Date Posted: 02-Apr-2015  
NEW! CALL FOR 2015 AGN Assembly Session Proposals now open!
Date Posted: 01-Apr-2015  
NEW! NOMINATIONS DEADLINE EXTENDED for the 2015 African Philanthropy Award
Date Posted: 24-Mar-2015  
Africa's Wealthy Give Back
Date Posted: 19-Nov-2014  
Meet the 2012 African Philanthropy Award Winner!
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2014  
PARTICIPATORY GRANT MAKING - A Southern Africa Success Story
Date Posted: 25-Sep-2014